Our company eliminates the complexity and resource intensity of software testing by combining powerful tools and proprietary meta-language with world-class services and actionable analytics.


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Save your time

Perform build tests that used to take 6 weeks in 8 hours. Complete a full regression test in 8 hours that used to take 7 FTEs three weeks.

Save your money

Save millions of dollars each year on development costs. Save hundreds of dollar thousands on testing with our best platform.

Improve quality

Increase development team productivity by 600%. Improve from testing 2 releases in 9 months to 19 releases in 9 months.

Save on employees

When ordering a test in our company, you don’t need assumes staffing issues.

About us

The key to success of our company is experienced and qualified staff. Our task is to infuse quality in IT services that are owned by our customers. We are able to distinguish good from bad quality and we know how to achieve the highest standard. IT systems must meet customer expectations with them, must be easy and pleasant to work, they must not contain defects or run slowly.

We know that our customers are interested not only in fast testing, but also in ability to quickly increase or decrease the team testers depending on existing problems. This is possible only in case of a large staff of engineers.


For several years of our work in the field of software testing, in our company has established a perfect quality control process of software products. Our company Test Lab has developed a software system that integrates a variety of tools and utilities to fully automated testing process.

Due to the elaborate architecture of complex test run, we can provide complete regression of functional tests and test the installation of software from several hours to one working day. This will test all versions of the product supplied in various versions of the system environment. Upon completion of testing the customer receives automatically prepared a detailed test report. Our experience shows that, including our service to your workflow. The customer company is able to accelerate up to four times the release of the next version of the product.


We have experience in development for the companies in the different business area.

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How we can work

We can conclude contract on testing and development service directly with the customers all over the world, or to act as a subcontractor for other software companies providing them needed resource of testing and development team. We can communicate with the customers in both English or Russian.

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